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TELEVISION, FILM, Screen media

Technology continues to drive the audience experience forward. That means screen-media will need to provide 360 degrees of immersive virtual sound to engage people on all their media devices. The Audio Producers have been working with story tellers in surround sound for years, but now immersive audio with headphones is the next horizon. We build 3D sound-spaces that are convincing and natural for the brain, which keeps the audience focused on your story, not the sound, and as headphone playback evolves, our mixes will be naturally immersive with the possibility for exaggerated virtual spatiality.

Voice recording

Voice recording is all about making the voice artist comfortable. The environment, the headphone sound and the "tone" of communication from the engineer and production team all contribute. We have been recording voice-over since 1991 and always make your session comfortable with an ear toward inspired performance and clear sound.


The way people consume entertainment is constantly in flux, so production decisions must acknowledge and adapt to these changes quickly. There is no doubt that mastered for iTunes is superior to an audio CD — we are Apple-MFiT certified. We have experience in Hi-Def mastering for stereo and 5.1, with a specific focus on vocal and instrumental performance music. Please visit our record label, and follow us on FacebookSpotify and Applemusic, or purchase/stream our music in Hi Def from our German distributor,

Studio | Stereo & 5.1

Our studio is a class "A" record and mix environment with multiple choices for monitoring and cinema style 5.1 surround sound playback.


Advertising and Corporate

We have had years of experience in national advertising and corporate communications.

SUSUKI, ASUS, IBM, and many others have relied on our sound-craft. Currently we are working extensively in pharmaceutical communications which involves audio for VR presentations.

Audio Contracting

If you need us to assist you with contracting and talent payment of your union talent we can do so, we also do VO casting.

Please visit or to learn more about music services.

REVIVAL Film Studio's, 629 Eastern Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1E3, The Audio Producers Inc. Suite 303

REVIVAL Film Studio's, 629 Eastern Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1E3, The Audio Producers Inc. Suite 303